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Developing Patience As and Online Poker Player

imageFirst, the trick to developing the art of patience when playing cybergames is to realize that great and glorious wins will happen and that equally great and horrendous losses will also happen. Second, to develop your ability to curb your reactions to those extremes. Be happy when you win, but remember that it will not always happen like this. Don't start expecting that this will always happen. Remember that the money you don't lose back today will spend very nicely tomorrow, with a cooler head and a clearer perspective. When you lose, curb your reaction equally. Don't start to question yourself beyond reason. If you feel you have forgotten some part of your knowledge, by all means look it up. See if you were correct, and if so, learn from the experience. When you realize that you did everything correctly, and still suffered that great and horrendous loss, then curb your instinct to blame everything and everybody. Try not to destroy yourself, poker88 or the solid foundations of your playing abilities. Remember that the pendulum of overall probability simply swung against you. It will swing back.


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It may take what you consider a long time. The phrase "a long time" means to us, as human beings, something entirely different from what it means to the universal event statistics. What you may consider "a lOng time," may be only a tiny fraction of a microsecond in the overall scope of universal time. For example, I know many professional players who were on losing streaks that took years to overcome. If you were such a player, and you were playing perfectly, but then hit a losing streak for 5 years, 8 years, or 12 years, would that be a "long time"? It's all relative. Patience, therefore, is the art of being able to react to each situation without overreacting to it. You will have to work this out yourself, because no person is identical to any other, and no two people deal with the same set,of circumstances in exactly the same way. Therefore, no specific advice is possible, However, a plausible guideline to achieving patience is possible. Patience will not only enable you to play better, but will allow you to reach your comfort level far quicker and with far more positive results. By realizing that patience is a requirement for enjoyment, and profit, from cybergames, you will become far more at ease with the process. This will relax you under a variety of circumstances and situations, and this will in turn allow you to take a far more rational, and less emotional, approach to whatever these situations maybe, or whatever the action is that you may be required to undertake.

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