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Basically, a poker tournament is concerned with a special poker variant. For example; the World Championship Pot Limit Omaha final event in the World Series of Poker. The way the tournaments are played is based on the type of tournament structure.

imageCommon Features of Online Poker Tournaments

To play in any online poker tournament, players must register for that specific poker tournament and need to pay the compulsory buy-in. The buy-in is the minimum amount of chips compulsory for a player in order to sit down in a particular poker game. However, a few poker tournaments allow re-buys so player can re-fill their stack by purchasing additional chips.

Basically, this kind of feature is available in cash games. In Poker tournaments like the Annual World Series of Poker, however, re-buys are usually not allowed; as soon as you lose your stack, you are out. Obviously, there is a prize involved. As a rule, prize money or a seat at a bigger tournament is at stake.

Common Types of Online Poker Tournaments:

Multi-table tournaments: In multiple table poker tournaments, players have to fight their way through multiple tables and other players. The concerned blinds and stakes are preset before the tournament starts; they increase as the tournament goes on or as the player reaches higher levels in the tournament. To join a multi-table poker tournament, a player needs to buy a seat by paying the buy-in. At first, he/she will sit at one of the poker tables (seating is assigned). As the tournament move forward and megaceme as more and more players are eliminated from the game, the players are often rearranged in order that they are always sitting at a full table. The final game takes place when there are just enough players to fill one table. The player who wins at the final table is the tournament winner.
Sit and go tournaments: Sit and go tournaments are the most common type of online poker tournament. You will find this running at many online poker sites. When you have registered and purchased the compulsory buy-in, you can sit at the table and await other players. The tournament starts as soon as the table is full.

Satellite tournaments: Satellite tournaments can be sit and go or multi-table poker tournaments with small buy-ins. The prize at stake is a seat at a bigger tournament, suppose, another satellite tournament or the final poker tournament. World Series of Poker satellite tournaments usually have multiple levels; the best prize is the buy-in for the WSOP event (sometimes, with expenses), but to win this prize, you may need to fight your way through multiple levels of satellite games.

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