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Do you know that there are similar qualities that unite Arcade Fire and Edmonton Dodge? While they could be found in Canada, both tend to be celebrities showing artistic creativity and dynamics.

Driving through the trans-Canada highway while listening to Arcade Fire's "The Suburbs" offers a pleasant experience. I gain some ethereal experience as I cruised around with my new Dodge Challenger while "The Suburbs" roars over the car stereo. I can't help but sing along with the lyrics of some music tracks, especially the carrier song, "The Suburbs".

Many have wondered how Arcade Fire could have ran away with the Grammy's "Album of the Year" award. The answer is found solely in their album titled "The Suburbs". The album is Arcade Fire's creativity to the maximum, showing emotional tones in their lyrics and melodies. It reminds me of the heydays of country fiddle and strings but immersed in pop rock beat and grinds. "The Suburbs" could easily be the motorist's favorite when driving long distance.

This is Arcade Fire's year beating Eminem and Lady Gaga in the quest for the coveted "Album of the Year" award. Of course, no one will argue over Lady Gaga's visible elegance but it's just that Arcade Fire's music created deeper impact in terms of tune and lyrics. The music crowd is yearning for music that touches their inner thoughts, emotions, and also our way of life, which Arcade Fire provides successfully and nicely.

Edmonton Dodge motor vehicles are associated with imaginative designs. Whether you keep new Dodge, pickup truck, four-door sedan, sports utility vehicle, every model has been dedicated and committed to style, durability, and gas-saving mechanisms.

Arcade Fire's glory of winning the "Album of the Year" in the latest 53rd Grammy Awards created a deep niche in the music world. They provide inspiration to aspiring musicians, proving that originality and versatility are important factors in attaining success. The same is true in campaigning and gaining great sales in the Edmonton Dodge dealer businesses.

Edmonton Dodge dealers agree that vehicles produced by Dodge has created deep impact in the lives of the American people. They are avante garde in the auto industry, which models are synonymous to safety, strength, and efficiency. Through Arcade Fire's music, the listeners are assured that the era of meaningful and soulful pop-music is as timeless as the longevity and endurance of Edmonton Dodge.

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